Update: We are no longer installing or servicing irrigation sprinkler systems. We also only have limited availability for new landscaping jobs.

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Sprinklers and Irrigation

It's Where Our Roots Are

Shulfer's started as a sprinkler installation company, it's where our roots are. Like all aspects of our company, we take great pride in the systems we install. Irrigation is very important to us. Water is also very important to the roots of your landscape, since even a natural and native landscape requires water at various times of the year. Water is such a valuable resource that should be used wisely and efficiently. That is why Shulfer’s Sprinklers & Landscaping installs our systems differently than anyone else in the area and uses the highest quality products.

Shulfer's Sprinklers & Landscaping installs what is called a main line system as opposed to what is called a manifold system. A manifold system has all the valves in one location, usually above ground, and all the branch lines (or zone lines) have to come back to this one location. This makes for a messy and inefficient system. It typically doesn't allow you to run as many heads at a time and you have to hide the valve manifold sysem with a shrub planting. A main line system is a single water line from the water source to our automatic valves which are below ground inside green valve boxes for easy access if needed. Our larger diameter main line, which is trenched in at about 15 inches deep, allows more water volume through the system to run more sprinkler heads at a time and thus have less zones. The branch lines (or zone lines) are connected to the automatic valves and pulled through the ground at about 10 inches deep. By pulling in our branch lines we have very little lawn disturbance if you have an existing lawn and landscape. It leaves a small slit in the lawn and within a week or two of watering you can't even tell anything was done, except that your lawn and landscape are greener and healthier.

Hunter Irrigation - The Best

At Shulfer’s Sprinklers & Landscaping, we use Hunter irrigation products. We have found from our years of experience that Hunter products are constructed in a more durable fashion with high quality components. When you combine this durability with Hunter’s 5 year warranty, you can rest assured that you will have a high quality system with years of trouble free service. Another benefit of Hunter products are their industry-leading water saving technology and features. Hunter also allows you to monitor and run your sprinkler system from the palm of your hand with your smart phone; however, if you do have an existing irrigation system with something other than Hunter, our knowledgeable and experienced staff can service all brands of sprinkler heads.

Irrigation Service

Do you need to get your sprinkler system started for the year, or do you need to get it winterized before the cold of winter sets in? Maybe you have a broken sprinkler head or a leaking valve or pipe somewhere. Our service crews can assist you with these issues. We can also trouble shoot faulty pumps and shallow wells to increase water volume and pressure.

We can also serve those looking to add a head or zone or update a manual system to an automatic one. Let Shulfer’s Sprinklers & Landscaping take care of any of your irrigation service needs. It doesn’t matter if you have Hunter, Rainbird, Toro, Nelson or Orbit sprinkler heads, our service crews are knowledgeable and experienced with all brands and makes of sprinkler heads in order to get your system up and running again. Shulfer's is also a state certified and licensed Cross Connection and Backflow Tester.

Commercial & Residential Sprinkler System Installation in Stevens Point, WI